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October 1 – Priority

December 1 – General

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Speech Language Pathology Application Deadline has been extended to July 1st for Fall 2024 semester 

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April 1 – Priority

May 1 – General 

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Xavier - Takeda Partnership

In April 2022, Xavier University announced a partnership with Takeda, a pharmaceutical company. The partnership involves a multimillion-dollar, long-term investment to fund a technical research and exchange center on Xavier's campus. The collaboration aims to promote health equity and improve health outcomes by addressing social and behavioral factors that affect health.

The partnership has several key elements. First, it focuses on enhancing Xavier's capabilities in health care informatics to leverage data for promoting health equity. Second, it aims to increase the participation of underrepresented minorities in clinical trials by educating Xavier students on the importance of clinical research. Third, it provides funding for postdoctoral research and graduate fellowships to support research initiatives.

These scholarships aim to support students who are engaged in community work related to health disparities or health equity. Eligible students from programs such as Public Health, Health Informatics, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant Studies, and Speech Pathology, among others, will be asked to submit an essay discussing their community engagement and how their work impacts health disparities or contributes to achieving health equity. Other criteria for the selection process may include unmet financial need and GPA.

These scholarships provide financial support to students who are actively involved in addressing health disparities and promoting health equity within their communities. By supporting their education and research efforts, the partnership aims to empower these students to make a meaningful impact in the field of healthcare and contribute to the advancement of health equity.