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Welcome to Xavier University of Louisiana

Where excellence awaits you

Whether pursuing current interests or exploring new ones, students make friends and establish their on-campus community by getting involved. Xavier University of Louisiana, founded by Saint Katharine Drexel and the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, is Catholic and historically Black. The ultimate purpose of the University is to contribute to the promotion of a more just and humane society by preparing its students to assume roles of leadership and service in a global society. This preparation takes place in a diverse learning and teaching environment that incorporates all relevant educational means, including research and community service.

If we wish to serve God and love our neighbor well, we must manifest our joy in the service we render to Him and them. Let us open wide our hearts. It is joy which invites us. Press forward and fear nothing.


想起老. 莫妮卡Loughlin先生

Even in her last days, Sr. Monica’s life was her letter to the world that focused on her love for Xavier University of Louisiana.

Andrea Edwards, Ph.D.




St. Katharine Drexel of Philadelphia and her Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, a religious community dedicated to the education of African Americans and Native Americans, established Xavier as a high school in 1915. The four-year college program was added in 1925. Today Xavier retains its distinction as the only historically Black, Catholic University in the United States.

In 1970, the Sisters transferred control of the University to a joint lay/religious Board of Trustees. Dr. 诺曼·C. Francis, a 1952 XULA 研究生, served as president for 47 years before retiring in 2015. Dr. C. Reynold Verret now serves as President.

Xavier's student body is predominantly African American (70.2%), but the university is open to all. Despite a growing influx of out-of-state students, more than one-half of the university's nearly 3,000 students are from Louisiana.

本科 students, regardless of their major are required to complete sixty-six hours of liberal arts core curriculum courses in English, 文学, 美术, Foreign Languages, 历史, African American Studies, 数学, 自然科学, 哲学, 神学, and Social Sciences in addition to courses in their major fields. Xavier offers preparation in 46 major areas on the under研究生, 研究生, and professional degree levels.

The University is accredited by the Commission on 大学s of the Southern Association of 大学s and Schools. Its respective programs are accredited by the 认证 Council for Pharmacy Education, the National Association of Schools of Music, the Louisiana State Department of Education, the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and 项目, and the National Council for 认证 of Teacher Education (NCATE). Xavier is also approved by the American Chemical Society.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, Xavier continues to rank first nationally in the number of African American students earning under研究生 degrees in both the biological/life sciences and the physical sciences.

The 大学 of Pharmacy, one of only two pharmacy schools in Louisiana, is among the nation's top four producers of African American Doctor of Pharmacy degree recipients. In pre-medical education, Xavier ranks first in the nation in the number of African American 研究生s who go on to complete medical school.